Youth Ministry Resources from Teen Life’s Youth Resource Factory

Find Out MoreYouth Ministry Resources from Teen Life's Youth Resource FactoryThe Book of James in eight lessons. Includes PowerPoint a discussion version of the text and a class outline version.

52 Topics X 10 = 520 Discussion Questions and Statements to Light the Fire in the Mouths of Your Youth Group.

Learn to teach and impact live like Jesus did! Includes the bonus: "God’s Top Ten Teaching Techniques."

The average youth minister lasts 18 months. Want to crush the statistics? Find out how to hang on for the long haul.

Most youth leaders see devotionals as something they can wing, or throw together at the last minute. Here’s how to make them powerful and impactful.

60 parents and children share letters they wrote to each other. Each chapter also includes a list of ten principles you can use in your own parent child relationship.

How to start an internet business. Upload to the web. Design your own site to help you sell products. Even if you are not interested in profits. Discover how to put your materials on the web for others to enjoy. Read more…

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