Find Out MoreYourFreeHoroscopes.comThe point here is not to make a devil out of science, but simply to remind us that astrology stands on its own merits, and that trying too hard to fit it into the present scientific model is not necessarily a great idea. It is not astrology that has to change to fit into the modern world, but rather the modern world that can benefit by including astrological ideas in its reality. Returning us to the center of our universe brings cohesiveness to the psyche, soothes the soul, and produces an order of a higher kind. Alienated humans, like miscalibrated instruments, will make distorted measurements. Alignment of the inner and outer selves, the objective and subjective, is not only possible, but is necessary for our evolution and survival. If you think it contradictory to include two such different perspectives, I’ll remind you of what the great poet Walt Whitman once said: "Contradict myself, of course I do. I contain multitudes." Whitman was a Gemini.

We’re confident that you will find the reports insightful, informative as well as entertaining. YourFreeHoroscopes.Com has been publishing charts on-line since 1999. Preparation and delivery of your chart is done inside 24 hours, a bit longer on orders placed over the weekend. We have a loyal following, we hope you will consider joining our client list.

For all customer inquires, please send email to Chart Services. If you are an existing client please include your reference order number.

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