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Find Out MoreYou're Expecting Twins! - Twins and MultiplesI heard them too. In fact, when I was expecting twins, I heard so many horror stories I was quaking in my fuzzy slippers. I didn’t need to hear all those horror stories and neither do you!

The trick to managing twins and multiples with ease is knowledge, preparation and a positive mindset. Forget the horror stories and embrace tips, strategies and knowledge from experienced parents of twins, triplets and more!

With valuable parenting information from experienced parents, preparation, a positive mindset and support you can skillfully and confidently care for your new babies and still have time to sleep, eat, shower, brush your teeth and even exercise or spend some quality alone time.

I am living proof that parenting twins doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. When I was pregnant with my twins I already had a toddler at home. I’m not understating it when I say I was almost paralyzed with fear. All those horror stories, from well intentioned friends and family, had embedded in my brain. I imagined I’d have to endure days without sleep or a shower. Never in my wildest dreams did I see myself being able to have hours each day to myself while my children napped peacefully.

In fact, both my twins had extreme colic. They were also six weeks early! And I was still able to get all three of my children on a schedule – giving me 2 hours of peace each day.

If I was able to achieve it and so can you! You’re Expecting Twins! helps new parents and caregivers experience the joys of expecting and parenting twins – it should be one of the best times of your life.

It’s never too early to start preparing. Dive in and start learning everything you can about expecting and raising your twins… Read more…

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