World Peace Starts With You

Find Out MoreWorld Peace Starts With YouMaybe. But remember, WORLD wars started in 1914. Continued in 1939. Then suddenly in 1945, the weaponry changed from relative to absolute.

Einstein himself said, "Everything has changed except our way of thinking." He added, "If we don’t eliminate war, war will eliminate us."

My elder brother Bud was on a US Destroyer which went down at Salerno. Then along came Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A real mind blower.

Then and there, I decided to devote my life to WORLD peacemaking. I was convinced that if I was a part of World War II, then somehow I could and had to play a role in "World Peace I". If only for survival’s sake.

In brief, I had to re-identify myself in order to meet, understand and SOLVE the problems facing me in this nuclear/electronic/spacetravel/instantaneous communication, one world community century.

Foolish little me, a former Broadway actor. Pretty arrogant, huh? What did I know? I only had a high school education.

WORLD PEACE STARTS WITH YOU! explains not only why YOU too are a key world peacemaker but HOW YOU CAN ACTUALLY DO IT!

Download it after payment. Read it. It’s not too long.. only 32 pages but crammed with exciting and down-to-earth dynamic peacemaking content and application forms for world peacemaking documents. World Peace Starts With You!

But I warn you, it’s not for dilettantes, This is SERIOUS reading. And you won’t find it in college peace courses or promoted on the nightly TV news. World peacemaking is not for the timid or bystanders. It is action-oriented, a new ballgame. And most of us will remain on the sidelines afraid to get up to bat. But history is watching and judging all of us. It’s closer to midnight than you think. (30,000 nuclear missiles are still on full alert as you read this… Read more…

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