– Welcome Home, Precious Preemie!

Find Out More- Welcome Home, Precious Preemie!Through the wonders of IVF we finally, with much happiness, conceived our first child, Jesse-Jon. Two years later we were blessed with our second IVF baby, Lily, at 24 weeks gestation, only to our utter devastation and shock watch her die minutes later.

Luckily however, the delivery was stopped and although my waters had broken, the birth was held off until the baby was 26 weeks. The Baby had at this stage been given only 7% chance of survival!

I had been forced to stay flat on my back for the entire time in a hospital bed 300 km away from home, husband David and our then 6 year old son Jesse-Jon.

My husband and I were very scared and the memory of our beloved Lily was very close in our thoughts.

We cried for the babies in the nearby incubators that had tried so hard to live but had finally lost their fight.

It still hurts to think about the helpless feeling we had when we could only watch our baby struggle to breathe and live.

But we were not allowed to hold her for several weeks at first. We just wanted to give her a cuddle and soothe her weak attempts at crying!

And our tears of joy at any tiny improvement! Our hearts swelled with pride when she’d squeeze our finger with her tiny hand.

During this time we saw many babies come and go in the ICU ( Intensive Care Unit ) with different levels of disabilities and impairments. We could only wonder what fate had brought us.

Every time a test or brain scan was done, we would dread the answers and results. Vision, hearing, cerebral palsy, brain damage, deadly infections or other disabilities were all very real possibilities and an everyday worry for us.

Luckily however, as time went, Savannah grew… Read more…

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