Unique Relaxation Music Collection

Find Out MoreUnique Relaxation Music CollectionHow many times have YOU experienced a weird kind of sense of being ‘distracted’ ? You can’t concentrate on anything, you can’t stay still, you have racing thoughts that don’t seem to lead to one another, and just generally feel extremely disorientated and confused.

You might also feel really bored, even though you try to occupy yourself but you can’t focus on doing the same thing for more than like 10 minutes. You just feel very restless. You don’t sleep very well, it takes ages to fall asleep, then when you wake up after say 6 hours of sleep, you’re feeling exhausted.

Do you feel like you’re ‘alienated’ from other people, like you are talking to them, but not really ‘there’ mentally. You might also experience constant lethargy and strange moments of dysphoria, for example you are doing something and all of a sudden you start feeling bad!

I personally experienced a that state of mind for 5 years and then thankfully found a natural remedy to alleviate the symptoms of a state of dissociation from my Inner Spirit, influenced from factors out of my control.

I’m a professional music composer and marketer ; in my 22 year career I have worked with some of the greatest artists and companies in the world; Aerosmith, Jacob Dylan, Aqua, Ronnie Wood, Charlie Watts, Sony Music, Universal Music just to name a few.

During these unforgettable years, I have always looked at music in the form of a “song”, verses and choruses that I could sing along to. You know, the tunes you hear on the radio.

About 5 years ago , I noticed that when playing pure sounds ( strumming a guitar string, playing a piano note …), THE EFFECT on me was of an immediate sense of balance and wellness. Something similar to the effect of… Read more…

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