Turn Your Article Into A Traffic Magnet!

Find Out MoreTurn Your Article Into A Traffic Magnet!…Here’s How To Barrel Through The Blocks and Secure A Windfall of Visitors From Each Article You Write…Guaranteed!

There’s a problem though. After the search engines find that the same article in different directories, then you’ll see the results dropped off of the search results. This means the time and effort you spend submitting the same article to the hundreds of directories is wasted! If only the search engines didn’t discard "duplicate" results, you’d have visitors clamoring to get to your site.

I know you’ll be stunned by the ease and high quality of the software, but here’s a quick comment from an expert blogger who got an advanced copy:

Article Uniqualizer uses your article and your words and a little elbow grease to create up to 48,000 variations of your article with the push of a button. But here’s the amazing part. Article Uniqualizer does not change your words or the meaning of your article! You have total control.

It’s simple, just push the Uniqualize! button, then copy and paste the unique article into the article site. If you are running article submission software, Article Uniqualizer will work with it to make each article it submits unique.

BTW, Article Uniqualizer is not one of those crummy "article spinners" that create unreadable nonsense. Spinners do more harm than good because they use computer-based dictionary word substitutions. Some actually go out and plagiarize the wording from other writers. You don’t want your good name and reputation associated with the type of garbage article spinners produce.

Even though Article Uniqualizer will make all of your articles into search engine magnets, I’ve got a great guarantee to back it up:

GUARANTEE: You get a totally unconditional guarantee that you will be MORE than satisfied with the Article Uniqualizer software. I want you to… Read more…

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