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Find Out MoreToolkit Cafe - Social Media PoliciesBusinesses today are quickly realizing the benefits of social media as a way to distribute information and interact with customers, partners, suppliers and employees. Company branded Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and blogs are now common place. But to complicate matters, employees often maintain personal blogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts, etcetera, on company time using company resources. In addition to the productivity issues this poses, the lines between company and personal business are all too often getting blurred in cyberspace exposing your company to potential PR disasters and even legal problems. To manage this, your company needs a concise set of policies to control the use of social media.

The Social Media Policies Toolkit provides a straightforward set of documents that you can put to use immediately at your organization. It’s an ideal starting point for designing policies for social media websites and their use within your company. It includes straignforward guidelines on the procedures for maintaining company-branded social media content on the top sites today, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Plus it helps you define the rules for employee’s personal use of social media at your company.

The Social Media Policies Toolkit is an ideal resource for any company that wants to create or revise it’s policies pertaining to the use of most popular social networking platforms such as Blogs, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. The kit contains 2 powerpoint presentations that can be customized for use in your company, 16 policy templates and a directory of top resources you can use to find real-world examples of successful social networking policies.

The tools in this kit are in simple HTML, Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint formats. Here’s what is included:

Download all the instructions and templates in this kit and save the countless hours it would take you to create the documentation and… Read more…

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