Through the Mists – Life after Death

Find Out MoreThrough the Mists - Life after Death"I’m very happy to have found your website and this ebook "Through the Mists". This is by far the best information that I have read on life after death so far. Thanks so much!" Andy S. Tennesee, USA.

"What a blessing to have received your ebook from my son. My father passed away recently and it has been rather difficult for all of us to cope not knowing anything about the afterlife. This has certainly shed some light on the subject and I am very grateful!" Polly T. Quebec, Canada.

"Your ebooks, "The Mists Trilogy" was excellent. I rarely finish reading ebooks when I purchase them, but these three were so good, I found it difficult to pull myself away from my pc. Wonderful information. Thanks a lot!" Carrie E. New Mexico, USA.

Revealing the Silence is proud to present this spectacular ebook, "Through the Mists" recorded by Robert James Lees. If there has ever been a time in your life that you have wondered about what will happen to you when you die, and wished that there was somewhere that you could find the answers; or if you have ever felt that there must be something more that is just out-of-reach, then this ebook is a MUST for you. This first book of a 3-volume-series is more than 150 pages and chalk-full of information that will keep you entranced for hours on end. I can assure you:

Through the Mists was written in 1898 by the author (known to us as Fred) who resided in London, England. He grew up with a brother, sister and father who was a wealthy strict Calvinist and elder of the Presbyterian Church. He never knew his mother. She died giving him birth and his family refused to speak to him about her. He was truly… Read more…

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