The Why People Course

Find Out MoreThe Why People CourseAfter the continued success of The Why People Course, Chris Antoni has been hard at work researching and crafting his newest volume aimed at improving the business of entrepreneurs everywhere. This definitive work explores the secrets to entrepreneurship by embracing the concept that people who want to work for themselves are the Black Sheep of the flock.

The secret that he has discovered within himself and other successful entrepreneurs will change your life forever.

An engaging writer and successful entrepreneur himself, Chris has managed and sold websites valued at over a hundred thousand dollars. Chris’ ability to take concepts and create manageable strategies for the every day business person has helped thousands of professionals just like you share in his success. He is fast becoming a powerful leader in the online marketing and business community.

Black Sheep is aimed at showing people of all skill levels how to become expert business professionals in their specific fields, by leveraging the skills and talents of the other experts already present in these environments. This book will teach you how to behave and think just like Chris and other successful entrepreneurs in every aspect of your business.

Chris will reveal to you his secret method of thinking that has propelled his businesses to six figures. The secret can be paraphrased into two little words which will change your business forever: Critical Thinking.

Perhaps you’ve seen books, courses, membership sites and many other scam products aimed at taking your money in exchange for outdated "step by step" guides to making money online. Chris’ writings and philosophy rail against these kinds of pathetic offers. Instead, Chris focuses on creating high quality content that will teach you to rethink what you know about earning an income and running a successful business online. You don’t have to… Read more…

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