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Find Out MoreThe Ultimate WordPress Theme Package from Bundle BeastWould you like to have the tools that you need to produce professional looking websites effortlessly, with minimum input and maximum effect every time? This isn’t a pipe dream, I’ve been working in web design and internet marketing for over 6 years and now is the time for me to share my wealth of knowledge with you!

That’s what I was told when I first began working for myself all those years ago. My question then, as it is now is why? Why should something that look so easy take hours, if not days to do so I took it upon myself to build a toolkit and create my own empire from the comfort of my living room.

I learnt that a few good tools make all the difference. Fast forward a few years and my life became very, very different. I worked hard and built a toolkit which I use time and time again to produce professional looking sites with ease that take very little time , look amazing and have the latest SEO compatibilities already included in them. In fact, the tools I use are so easy it was a comment from my girlfriend that brings me to write this letter just for you today…

My girlfriend, after watching me work one day said, ‘You don’t do much do you’. After living together for two years and having to wake up at 6am and do an hour commute everyday, she’d finally decided to take her passion for food and work out a way to create an online income with her knowledge and skills. Her first question was:

She asked me to design her site for her and I remembered the mistakes that I made when I first started out and the clumsy looking websites that I used to produce. Read more…

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