The Three Secrets to Handle Child Behaviour

Find Out MoreThe Three Secrets to Handle Child BehaviourRevealed! If Your Child Is Badly Behaved Or Disobedient and You Are Looking For A Solution, Then Please Read on For…

And It’s Something You Can Do Now (and literally not one in ten parents understands this technique)

Hello My name is Janice Paton mother of three and grandmother of three boys. I have worked with children for over 35 years in infants, primary and high school working across all age groups including 10 years in Special Education with disabled children. For the past 15 years I have been a senior consultant of the Conflict Resolution network working with teachers, parents and community groups.

… If you’ve wondered how you could miraculously change your child’s behaviour, and help their development then what I am about to tell you is the most important message you have ever read AND Here’s why. . . discovering my simple ThreeSecrets of Child Behaviour, you will have your child loving and easy to love and cherish. Once you know my secrets, suddenly a door opens which will change your lives forever

Well consider this . . . . Your children’s self-esteem and respect for themselves and others will be there for all to see. How would that make you feel? . . . . pretty good I would think

Let me tell you the story of when my eldest grandson was 2 years old he wanted to play on the balcony of our eighth floor apartment with his little train. The balcony had a low railing and was dangerous for him to play on. I wanted him to come inside and play on the lounge room floor but he had other ideas. I applied my technique which is described on (page 19). I heard this little voice say OK Nana, I was so thrilled I wanted to hug him

Being a teacher and later working with disabled children (quite frankly… Read more…

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