The Seven Dollar Miracle – A 21st Century Guide to Working Miracles In Your Life!

Find Out MoreThe Seven Dollar Miracle - A 21st Century Guide to Working Miracles In Your Life!Have you ever wondered how a few people throughout the history of mankind have managed to perform amazing miracles through their faith and belief?

Have you ever wished that you too could share in that remarkable ability to bring about miracles just by calling on your natural spiritual power and energy?

If your answer to either of these questions is yes then read on, because you are about to discover The Seven Dollar Miracle – a unique 21st century guide to working miracles in your life!

A miracle can be defined as ‘any event which is influenced, changed or manifested by divine power.’ Miracles are not confined to the Christian tradition, but can be found in almost every school of spiritual thought throughout the world.

Study just a few ancient texts and you will find numerous examples of how certain ‘enlightened’ individuals performed miracles at will. To these people, miracles were not particularly unusual, but the natural result of working with certain laws and principles.

Now although we live in a secular age, the laws that govern miracles have not changed one bit. The age of miracles has never died. All that has been lost from clear view is the knowledge that enables individuals to work miracles at will.

Jesus of Nazareth, who is arguably the most famous miracle-worker of all, gave his most potent ‘how to’ advice in the form of parables. King Solomon shared his secrets of miraculous prosperity and success through dozens of clever proverbs. And so it is with the many other ‘enlightened’ masters whose writings have been handed down from generation to generation – those writings often contain quite incredible secrets if you know how to identify, decode and use them properly.

The Seven Dollar Miracle has identified and decoded… Read more…

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