The P.I.G.E.E.S Money Multiplying Methodde & MasterMindSet Classes!

Find Out MoreThe P.I.G.E.E.S Money Multiplying Methodde & MasterMindSet Classes!How and why did an ex-starving artist come to write The Six Little PIGEES?!? Turn your speakers up and listen to this radio interview….

Did you know there’s actually a way that you can play with your money to have more money to play with?

I was a perpetually broke art student in New Your City at Parsons School of Design. I was ninetine. Yes, I had a small allowance from my parents, but aside from that, I had not one red penny, no job (or time for one as a full-time student), and no idea how to get more money or handle what I did have in a way that would make it work for me.

It was at that precise moment that it dawned on me that there was a Money System here that I neither knew about nor had been trained to use. Where had I been? I was 19 already and didn’t know this stuff???

I felt every snick of confidence drain out the bottom of my feet. All the blood in my body migrated to my face. I turned hot and cold, sweat sprang out all over me, and my knees were in danger of imminent collapse unless I did something drastic. Like turn around and run!

But I very calmly put on a smile and said, ‘I’ll have to talk to my parents about that,’ as I backed up, turned around and tried to keep from running despite the desperate need to do so.

What the heck else did I not know that would make me feel like a dork in front of the entire planet?

But my room-mates didn’t clue me in on any of the financial structures I could have used to make more money out of the wee bit I had… Read more…

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