The Essential Exercise and Birthball Handbook

Find Out MoreThe Essential Exercise and Birthball HandbookIn this brand new E-Book , Top Fitness Professionals Mark Hibbitts and Martin Beckley combine their many years of experience as pregnancy and postnatal exercise specialists to show you the safe and effective way to enjoy a fit and healthy pregnancy, and much, much more.

“Very user friendly and informative” Vicky Feeney,

Congratulations on your pregnancy! If you’re like all our pregnant personal training clients, (and we’re assuming you are) you’ll want:

That just proves you’re like every other mum out there. You’re excited, but have obvious concerns. You want to exercise and stay fit because you’ve heard about the benefits, but you’re scared of doing the wrong thing and hurting yourself or baby.

And you’re right to be concerned. Because of hormonal and physiological changes it’s not advisable to do any old training routine for some of the following reasons;

Over the last ten years as specialist fitness consultants we have helped hundreds of women enjoy fit and healthy pregnancies, and we can help you do the same.

And you won’t need to visit the gym or buy costly equipment. To make things even easier for you we’ll show you how you can achieve it all in the comfort of your own home, using the one piece of equipment that you’ll either already have, or will be planning to buy… Your Birthball

Exercise balls, swiss balls, stability balls, core balls, call them what you like. When you’re pregnant we call them birthballs, and you should have one for a number of reasons.

Firstly, just sitting on a ball gives you support and forces you to use good posture. This strengthens your core’ muscles and will give welcome relief to your back, especially during the later stages of pregnancy

Baby won’t like it if you sit… Read more…

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