The Confident Hypnotist – How To Make Your Hypnosis Work

Find Out MoreThe Confident Hypnotist - How To Make Your Hypnosis WorkHey! If you want to be able to march up to anyone on the street, say a few words, and send them spiralling way down into hypnotic trance… or to be able to proudly declare to your friends ‘I am a hypnotist!’ and back up your claim without fear or hesitation, then pay close attention, because I am about to tell you something life changing:

The street hypnotist’s, therapists and master persuaders who consistently get STAGGERING results and seem NEVER to fail..

In fact, you could say almost NOTHING and get everything TOTALLY WRONG, and yet still hypnotize people in seconds!

Easy right? So, if it is that easy, why don’t you walk around surrounded by a wave of entranced admirers?

Why? Because when most hypnotists get stuck, it’s not what you do… in fact, it’s not even HOW you do it…

If you are not 100% totally confident it will not work! Studies have repeatedly shown that the actual words we use make up less than 10% (figures vary from about 5% to 9%) of the actual MEANING of what you say.

You could spend WEEKS crafting and planning the perfect hypnotic induction. You could fly Milton Erickson posthumously in to work on the script, and spend time with doctors of psychology in crafting the perfect hypnotic sequence.

Yet, find yourself even the most receptive ‘somnambulist,’ do your work, and NOTHING may happen.

I eventually clunked my way through a few attempts, getting some success here and there. But then it was time for the suggestion bit.

"sleep! That’s right, now your hand is stuck to the desk" "um, I’m not sleeping, and no it’s not!"

So what was it that kept me failing? Bad technique? I’d been trained by some of the best! Wrong words? I had them perfect! Bad… Read more…

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