The 2012 Companion – Your Spiritual Transformation Begins Now – By Carolyn E. Cobelo

Find Out MoreThe 2012 Companion - Your Spiritual Transformation Begins Now - By Carolyn E. CobeloHelping you to Heal in a time of transformation….. The 2012 Companion Your Spiritual Transformation Begins NOW A complete package of DIVINE WISDOM and Spiritual Instruction by Carolyn Cobelo to help you raise your vibration, contact your Spiritual Guides, and help heal the Earth.

"I bought the 2012 Companion from hearing Carolyn on Awakening with the Masters. It is amazing! The "Angels" CD in particular got me closer to meeting my angels more than any other program I’ve tried ever has (and believe me, I’ve listened to quite a few!). – Autumn C.,

My name is Carolyn E. Cobelo. As a hands-on-healer, psychic, and spiritual teacher, I have been channeling and working with the energy around the global shifts that are taking place now for over 25 years. As many of you may know, these energies are intensifying rapidly, bringing major inner and outer changes in all of our lives.

I have channeled messages for humanity at sacred places around the world with my spiritual guides, Mother Mary and Zarathustra (founder of the Zoroastrian religion). These voyages are documented in the documentary film "Sacred Space: Searching for the Source). These guides have taught me about the nature of energy healing and spiritual psychology, which I gladly now pass along to you. As a result, I am offering all of my 30-year career-spanning materials in one place, to help raise the vibration of the planet ….and YOU!

I am offering THE 2012 COMPANION to provide you with a complete package of POWERFUL exercises, tools, and techniques to guide, inspire, uplift and assist you in your own personal spiritual evolution. Whether we like it nor not, we are all moving toward this worldwide shift. It is our choice as to how we collectively, and individually, TRANSFORM OUR LIVES. The acceleration of improvement of the health of… Read more…

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