Teena Stewart

Find Out MoreTeena StewartThe Christian ministry resources and Christian living resources below were developed by published author, experienced ministry leader, and church planter Teena Stewart. She has taught and refined spiritual gifts seminars while developing equipping tools and processes. As a ministry leader and pastor’s wife, Teena understands from the inside out the challenges of being a ministry leader as well as issues that women face.

Christian Living The Treasure Seeker: Finding Love and Value in the Arms of Your Loving Heavenly Father.

Spiritual Gifts (Includes: Q001-Q004 Spiritual Gift Questionnaires, M001 Made for a Purpose, M006 Discovering My Ministry Teacher Manual, M007 Discovering My Ministry Student Manual)

Ministry Equipping Resources (Includes: M004 Putting Ministry in Motion, M005 Ministry Consultant Training Manual) Read more…

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