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Find Out MoreTea Party eBooks Main‘We The People’ Must Be Free! Announcing a tax system our Founding Fathers Only dreamed of! Today, because of modern technology it will happen! Read it for yourself! Over 115 dynamic information packed pages! Clear examples of how this revolutionary system works! The ‘True Tax’ will pull the teeth of the I.R.S. and Congress while filling our coffers with REAL Dollars!

Kindle, Nook and most Readers READY! PDF Format! Read this powerful eBook in the comfort of your home, office, vacation or when you take that flight. Yes! – Computer/Laptop/Reader Friendly

– PDF Format – The book the I.R.S. doesn’t want you to read! Never write a check to the I.R.S. again!

GET THIS – In the spirit of the Tea Party, the True Tax replaces the antiquated graduated Personal income Tax System with one that would make America’s Founding Fathers proud. Everyone is treated equally and the burden of taxation is reduced and simplified. It is the first time in history that a Tax System places power in the hands of the people, not government. It mandates accountability; an efficient government; eliminates the National Debt; provides for Unfunded Requirements; ensures legitimate programs remain properly funded; and returns over-taxation and the nation’s wealth back to the people, equally!

But it doesn’t stop there. Your purchase of this high-powered and revolutionary eBook can only be transacted through the Tea Party and is not available in any store.

Take the first step in restoring our beloved nation. Read the solution of how we can avert a financial disaster and become a debt free nation in less than 8 years! How much is this eBook? 19.95

How much will it cost America if ‘We The People’ don’t’ install the True Tax? Everything!

Thank you for your Patriotism. Together… Read more…

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