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Lover, Soldier, Reprobate

Lover, Soldier, Reprobate: A Tour de Force My father was – most of all in his life – a soldier of fortune, fighting for different nations in up to 13 military conflicts, including the Indian Wars in Oklahoma, the Spanish-American War, and the Philippine Insurrection. Those assignments were during his three enlistments in the U.S. Army. He also fought for the Canadian Army, Princess Pats regiment, in World War II. In addition, it looks like his military ventures took him to a civil war in Chile, the Boxer Rebellion in China, the 1910 Mexican revolution, and combat against the Ottoman Empire just before World War I. Of particular interest are his Italian roots and military service. Born in Venice in 1873, that’s where he later embarked with the Alpini to fight for Italy in the first Italo-Turkish War. He also fought for Italy in the subsequent 1912 Balkan War. This newly published book – Lover, Soldier, Reprobate – tracks my father’s life, starting in Italy, shanghaied on the way to America, and adventuring around the world. The entire saga represents a tour de force in genealogy, revealing his ancestral roots back to the 1300s in Italy, his wives around the world, and his children – two of us surviving, in the United States and Italy. Once alone in the world, now we have family all over, especially in the United States and Canada – thanks to genealogical research. I have been able to trace his family back to Trento, and that family from Como in the 1300s, with a branch that split off to Bari in the 1400s. There is so much to tell that it all became a 500-page book, with over 100 illustrations, including photos passed on down of my grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, and the newly discovered relatives.

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