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Learning Chinese made simple for kids at Our Chinese teaching software is designed to be fun, engaging and interactive, so that children can learn without being bored. All our lessons are graphical and animated; we have also eliminated any need for rote memorization and encourage your children to learn Mandarin Chinese in a way that will always keep their interest alive.

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This secret fast-tracking learning program is simply not taught in any Chinese language learning product, it’s not taught in any Chinese language learning book/CD/DVD, and it’s not taught in any university by any Chinese professor, teacher, or tutor. This new Chinese-learning program coupled with “secrets” to jump-start your Chinese level is perfect for ANY person who is interested in learning Chinese, who do not want to focus on “grammar rules”. This is a program that learns Chinese FOR you. The result: Your ability to read most of a Chinese newspaper (over 1700 Chinese characters) and hold a conversation in a matter of 4 months or less.