– Video Copywriting Course With ‘Live’ Writing Examples

Find Out - Video Copywriting Course With 'Live' Writing ExamplesFREE! VIDEO 1: PRE-COPY In this video you’ll discover the six things you must know before you attempt to write even a single word of copy. (You’ll really struggle if you don’t know these in advance.)

FREE! VIDEO 2: THE TEN SECOND TIMER Within this video is a simple yet profound secret about your web site visitors. When you know and apply this secret, you’ll write copy that will keep them "glued" to the end.

FREE! VIDEO 3: PROPELLING COPY In this video I’ll show you a number of techniques not only to hook your reader’s initial attention, but also to propel them to keep reading – all the way to the end of your copy. And best of all, they’re fun to do! (I bet you won’t see many other copywriters talk about these.)

FREE! VIDEO 17: THE "PLAYING GOD" TECHNIQUE Using the structured system you’ll discover in this video, you’ll find yourself able to write really effective and persuasive copy so quickly and easily that it will actually be FUN to do! (And who’d have thought making money could be so much FUN!) Amazing as it might sound, when you know you need to write your own copy, you’ll actually look forward to it. Read more…

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