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Find Out MoreSupercharge Your Sermons Main PageWake Up Your Congregation With Powerful, Relevant, and Life Changing Sermons All You Need Is One Scripture and One Idea and You Can Be Constructing and Preaching 100% Original Powerful Sermons!

Constructing sermons is perhaps the most time consuming and difficult job for us preachers. But I have created a system that has made it a lot easier. Just think about this profound benefit –

Unfortunately, most of the homiletic approaches only emphasize what the text "SAID" in the past versus what the text "SAYS" to contemporary congregants…

Becuase contructing sermons the traditional way is designed to create good intellectual sermons. However, these good essay’s do not automatically connect to the people. Making those traditional sermons connect to the people is very HARD!

Yes there are superstars who can do this every week, but the rest of us need a system that has congregational understanding and interaction built right in.

I’ve personally constructed sermons for the last 20 years. I read the books and followed the examples. But then I got ahold of the Black Preaching Tradition and have never looked back. You can find more information on my homiletic approach at SoulPreaching.Com.

Now don’t get me wrong. Supercharge Your Sermons 2.0 is based in the Black Preaching Tradition, but it works whatever the ethnicity of the preacher OR THE CONGREGATION!!

Taking the course has enabled me to organize my sermons more effectively by drawing more out of scripture. I also have a better understanding of structure for sermon building

When I tell you that connecting a traditional sermon to the people is hard work, I’m speaking from experience.

Traditional Sermons require removing yourself from the presentation. Great preaching is truth through your personality. However, those who preach traditional sermons assume that who you are should not affect the sermonic construction. Paradoxically… Read more…

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