Stop Tantrums FAST

Find Out MoreStop Tantrums FASTIf you’ve had any of these worries, then you are just like my wife and I before our jealous, angry daughter became a LOVING CHILD who complete strangers feel compelled to compliment.

A little history, my wife had a 7 yr old Terror from her previous marriage; I had NO experience as a parent what so ever.

The child was literally RUNNING my wife’s life and there was no father in the picture to help carry the load.

Pretty soon the tantrums started. I couldn’t take “my honey” out to dinner anymore because the kid would have a fit. SCREAMING, YELLING, accusing her mother of not loving her any more.

This went on for months, and my patience wore thin. Then I lost my temper at the kid, and Mom got defensive.

Pretty soon my wife and I were FIGHTING CONSTANTLY. There was NO romance left and we were each secretly imagining life without each other again.

This was the worst situation any parent could have found themselves in! Does any of this sound familiar?

It’s not like we didn’t try. We read parenting books, watched DVDs. Even took advice from strangers. No one could believe my daughter’s behavior!

At the time, I was in a professional training class for something called Neurolinguistic Programming, which is a scientific approach to human behavior and motivation. I learned a clue to the answer in that class.

We experimented with MANY different techniques until we found the one that literally transformed this problem child into our little Angel overnight.

Many years later, I asked MY daughter why she behaved like she did. And her answer confirmed everything I had learned about child behavior.

So if I can succeed at STOPPING the Tantrums, with NO parenting experience, then YOU can definately do it. Read more…

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