Self Esteem Secrets E-Book – written by Karl Perera

Find Out MoreSelf Esteem Secrets E-Book - written by Karl Perera" ..because I am now confident and have high self esteem. Recently someone asked me where this new me came from, I just smiled and was happy to have been connected to you"

In just a minute, youll discover the number one reason you continue to suffer from low self-esteem. Youll be surprised when you find out. And, rightly so.

When I was younger, I was desperately shy. I had real problems with blushing, and not just regular blushing. Whenever I even thought of speaking to new people about anything, my whole head would turn beet red. Im sure people could even see me blushing from behind my back.

My family moved around a lot, so I was constantly trying to learn a new language and fit into new cultural norms. I moved from country to country every few years. The pressure of always trying to fit in really started to affect who I was at the time.

By the time I reached university, I was so frazzled by the thought of doing presentations and group projects that my self-confidence problem would get in the way of my ability to study.

I was so nervous and agitated about being wrong and how people would react to me, my school and work started to suffer. I second guessed even what I knew for a fact. Even things I knew about myself.

Because of my inferiority complex, I couldn’t go out. Even shopping meant I would have to speak to people or make decisions with people watching. I hid myself away and felt like a real loser.

Thats when my negativity piqued. There was nothing I didnt over analyse and criticise. The combination of my self-criticism, low self-confidence and bad self-image was starting to destroy the life I wanted to build for myself… Read more…

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