Self Esteem Recovery

Find Out MoreSelf Esteem RecoveryThe very things you are struggling with can become your new beginning. Learn why tension and conflicts are the source of your growth.

Some people have the belief that meanings and values are driven by our defense mechanisms or inner conflicts. They never seem to escape from this because they never learn how to gain control they already have. The problems you have in your life are the fuel you need to make it better. Nobody can fix your life for you and hand it back to you. You have to do it yourself, and this book will show you how to turn your problems into the tools you need to make you happy.

"I can’t find happiness." Success and happiness cannot be pursued -they must ensue -they are the side effects of doing something for a cause greater than yourself. Happiness and success happen because you let them happen. This is the paradox that confuses even the smartest people. You need to learn how to set yourself up so that success and happiness find you. "Life has nothing more to offer me." This statement is another mistake that people make. It is a mistake because the statement is inside-out, in reverse. Instead it should read: "What do I have to offer life?" The meaning of your life becomes realized when you give to others, not when you try to take and receive. Life owes you nothing and you owe it everything. Once you figure out how to give – you begin to receive. "Height Psychology" vs "Depth Psychology" Freud and Alder were famous doctors who explored the cause of mankind’s psychological struggles. They basically looked into the "depth" of the person they were treating -their past unconscious instincts and desires. This book, instead, focuses on your "height" psychology -your… Read more…

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