Secrets Of The Awakened Mind: Brain Wave Meditation for High Performance, Creativity, Intuition, and Personal Transformation.

Find Out MoreSecrets Of The Awakened Mind: Brain Wave Meditation for High Performance, Creativity, Intuition, and Personal Transformation.Quickly Easily Master Awakened Mind Meditation, and Your Brain Waves, to Achieve Your Optimum Potential. Awakened Mind Meditation: the Brain Wave Pattern of High Performance

Now Radically Boost Your Income, Creativity, Success and Personal Transformation by Accessing The Hidden Power of Your Mind

Recent studies reported in business journals shows that the most successful CEOs are also the most creative and intuitive. By developing the Awakened Mind State you will:

I want to thank you both again for a workshop packed with amazing experiences and wonderful lessons! You are incredible teachers, very present and great models of awakened-minds.My family and I had gained valuable insights that we can take with us for the rest of our lives. Christine M. Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Reiki Master/Teacher,EFT Practitioner

Thanks for a great experiential workshop. For me there is usually too much didactic. Thanks so much for the concise explanations. Karen F. LMFT

That workshop was such a blessing. I have been doing the double bubble meditation when my temperamental ego tries to give feedback (this ego is like a temperamental 2 year old). When I start the beta chatter coming up, I start doing the slow, deep breathing and then visualize the two bubbles -the inner and outer, and instantly start feeling calmer. It is helping me with my sleeping too. I used to have trouble sleeping because as soon as I would lay down, the anxious thoughts-i call the screamee-memmees, would start invading my sleep from all sides. I could actually feel the energy coming in trying to find way to channel the anxiousness. Then I started doing the breathing technique and it disappears. The beauty of this is that I can do it everywhere. Thank you so much for inviting me to this workshop, it has brought an… Read more…

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