SBI Special offer: Create your own information product(s)

Find Out MoreSBI Special offer: Create your own information product(s)"Hi Alf, Before your book, I had very minimal computer skills and absolutely no idea how to make anything on my computer, let alone a book. Only two weeks later I now have an ebook, a web site, and a merchant account! Don’t even BOTHER with a publisher! Just do it yourself. Thank you!." Joe Pardi USA

"Yes!!! Thank you very much!! Your book has answered so many questions and doubts that i even dreamed about writing and putting my ebook on the web last night!! I do believe that is a good sign!!" Catrina Bell, Webmaster USA

"First I want to thank you so very much for your latest "Create Your Own eBook" which included new chapters and sooooooo much more. This is definitely a "treasure trove" of information including the idea to create a sales page and sell other people’s products. Absolutely brilliant and thank you so much for sharing that." Anne USA/San Diego

"I think your EBook is excellent…unlike a lot of the crap floating around the net. " Peter Australia

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