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Find Out MoreRogue RSS Profits - Backlinks --> Rankings --> TrafficI work from home as a programmer and deal with technology on a daily basis. That’s how I came about discovering that other programmers are ridiculously over charging people to create custom sites and collaborated data. Really, I am just plain offended by this and want to talk about it.

So I have to get this off my chest… Programmers are making a killing online by creating mash-ups of content. They use sites like Digg, Google, Yahoo, Ebay, Amazon etc., to interface with their programming services and create mashed-up data. Mashed up data that they then turn around and sell via applications, charging the public a fortune!

It’s too bad we aren’t all programmers, right? Wrong! I wasn’t going to settle for that. Heck you can only specialize in so many things right? I mean you have your business to run, I’m sure you don’t have time to buckle down and learn a programming language too.

Being a software programmer myself, I decided to view things from the "other side"… the Non-Techie Land. Afterall, I’m not some famous internet marketer. I’m your average work-at-home mom with a full time job and my passion is technology and how it’s related to marketing online.

There exists free sites for people without the programming knowledge but still have the desire to compete. That’s how I came about creating Rogue RSS Profits. In fact I had such a great time creating the videos that I’m working on an advanced version as we speak.

See, you no longer have to be a programmer to leverage content from sites all over the web. Rogue RSS Profits will show you simple methods to aggregate almost any kind of data and use it for your own purposes.

In my videos, you’ll learn how to generate MASSIVE amounts of… Read more…

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