Robert Bruce – Manifestation And Healing

Find Out MoreRobert Bruce - Manifestation And HealingAnd I do mean that I want to admit something because I kept this a secret for many years of my life and I couldnt bring myself to admit it to ANYONE.

In fact, one of the reasons I found it so hard to admit this problem to anyone was the simple fact that I COULDNT EXPLAIN IT.

I can remember a time in my life where Id see photos of the human energy body, and want to work on my own chakras and kundalini and it felt as if there was a foot-thick wall of glass between me and my energy centers. It was as if there was a MENTAL BARRIER preventing me from stimulating and activating my energy body.

I could be sitting there, reading instructions right out of a visualization guide and be READY TO DO IT but when I started to do the exercise, I felt absolutely nothing. At which point I’d be so frustrated that I would quit.

I guess it just seemed so DAMN STRANGE I thought other spiritual practitioners would think that I was mentally disturbed if I talked about it.

Who ever heard of someone feeling like they couldn’t even successfully work on their own energy body?

Well, if youre reading this right now, then Im guessing that you know EXACTLY what Im talking about here.

As you already know, I spent a few years of my life REALLY educating myself working on this problem and figuring out how to overcome it.

The more time Ive spent working on this particular energy work problem, the more Ive come to realize an important insight:

This moment the moment when you go to work on your energy body and you consider it what you believe RIGHT THEN is actually a Moment Of Truth.

It… Read more…

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