Rhyme Robot (R)

Find Out MoreRhyme Robot (R)"Supercharge Your Songs with Amazing Software that Finds Awesome Rhymes in 1 Click and Sets Your Audience On Fire!"

Rhyme Robot (R) is a unique software that finds rhymes to any word, easily and automatically, in 1 second!

All is done for you, and you get a list of all the words that rhyme with your chosen word. As simple as that.

With the Rhyme Robot (R), you can write songs much faster as no effort is wasted on finding the right rhyme.

The Rhyme Robot (R) has a huge vocabulary of over 1,000,000 words (!), so your songs will maintain a high quality and will sounds amazing!

Whether you write rap about your homies, or a rock ballade, the Rhyme Robot (R) gives you hot rhymes that will supercharge your songs!

Due to the very big vocabulary (over 1 million words!), the software can be used to write ANY song about ANY subject.

Instead of paying hundred of even thousands of dollars to people to write lyrics for you, now you only need to pay $24.99 and you get a universal songwriting machine!

After purchase, you immediately receive link to download the Rhmye Robot (even if it is 2 A.M. in the morning), and can use it in a few minutes.

To produce a song from the scratch can cost $500-$1,000 (depending on quality), and you may pay from $100 to $300 for the lyrics alone!

We know that many of you don’t have this kind of money yet, but still have talent that is just waiting to be exposed.

This is why we want EVERYONE to be able to use the Rhyme Robot (R), and we have decided to make it affordable for anyone.

This is really a low price for such a valuable software, and we are sure that is a minor investment compared to… Read more…

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