Pro Independent Minor League Baseball Tryouts

Find Out MorePro Independent Minor League Baseball TryoutsIf so, read on as you will get information about how to find out about upcoming professional baseball tryouts as well as advice on what it takes to make, and stay on, a pro baseball team!

The problem is that since the independent leagues do not have affiliations with “regular” minor league baseball teams (those affiliated with Major League organizations), information about the independent baseball leagues is scarce. Fans have little access information, the leagues are not segmented into “defined” levels like Minor League Baseball, and most of the promotion of the teams and players is done at the local level.

Information for those seeking to become pro baseball players, like you, is even more difficult to find. Chances are that you have probably missed out on a pro baseball tryout where you could have performed well in front of scouts, coaches, and even independent baseball team managers.

Since 1993, many players have “fallen through the cracks” who probably should have played professional baseball in the independent leagues or even higher levels!

2) Because they keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again which make a player get overlooked, cut, or prevented from being signed to a pro baseball contract

Chances are that no one who is really qualified has told you what the common elements of success are either! This lack of information has killed the possible professional baseball careers of more players than you can imagine. Not being aware of this information can harm your dreams as well…

The first thing is to know when and where the independent pro baseball tryouts are going to be held. For 2012, there are 6 independent professional baseball leagues:

In addition, there are developmental winter leagues and spring leagues. There also are third-party tryouts which serve one or more leagues, and… Read more…

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