Practical Paleo Nutrition Guide Book

Find Out MorePractical Paleo Nutrition Guide BookWant to learn more about the diet that helps you to lose weight naturally, keeps you lean, healthy and energized?

Interested in starting a 30 Day Paleo Challenge but unsure of how to get started or still have a lot of questions?

Or maybe you’ve been following a Paleo Diet for a while now but still need more information or are looking for ways to make life easier with some handy tools and resources?

GETTING STARTED – guides to your first steps into this new diet and lifestyle, what it’s all about and why you’re doing it.

PALEO FOODS – get to know what Paleo foods are, a handy refrigerator list of Paleo foods and priorities for eating paleo on a budget.

HELPFUL GUIDES – learn about food quality, sugar disguises, fats & oils and get tips for dining out and at parties (perfect for the holidays and beyond!)

MEAL PLANNING TOOLS – get ideas for meals and snacks, learn about the Food Matrix, what it is and how to use it for yourself or your family, get ideas for meals and how to plan meals out for a week without cooking each one from scratch, learn about portion sizes and guidelines.

WHAT TO EAT – ideas for healthy Paleo breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, treats and where to find special ingredients commonly found in Paleo cooking and recipes.

RECIPES – 26 full color pages of easy and delicious breakfasts, entrees, sides & salads, sauces, salsas & dressings, desserts and smoothies

All of this information and answers from a nutritionist who works with clients every day to help them improve their health!

The information in this program is not sold in stores and would cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in 1:1 consulting fees to get if you were to hire me to help you… Read more…

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