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Find Out MorePete Bruckshaw's eBay eClassI’m Pete Bruckshaw and I started selling on eBay in 2004. At first I sold comics and records and then ebooks, printers and many other items, becoming a Silver Powerseller along the way. I’ve gone from being a part time eBay seller to a full time internet marketer. For all that time eBay has underpinned my online success. Now you can learn directly from me in the eBay eClass Mentorship Program and make a great part time – or even full time – income on eBay. Together we’ll map out a workable strategy exclusively tailored to your needs. This plan will complement and enhance your eBay eClass weekly lessons, making sure you have the best possible chance of success on eBay. Once you’ve paid for your eBay eClass Mentorship Program I’ll send you an email with my private email address. Then let me know by email exactly where you are up to with your eBay plans. We’ll set up a convenient time for you when we’ll talk via Skype and plan your route to success on eBay. What’s the background on my eBay eClass Mentorship Program? Course content has now sold over 400 times with

100% SATISFIED CUSTOMERS Want more proof? Here’s what the experts say about eBay eClass course content

"As an eBay Top Rated Seller I know a good eBay course when I see one and with Pete Bruckshaw’s information and value packed course I know you can make a success of selling on eBay. Follow and implement the seven weekly lessons in this course and take your eBay selling to the next level. This has my highest recommendation. Great job Pete!" John Thornhill eBay Member ID planetsms

"Wow Pete, you sure went the distance with this! I don’t see why anybody can’t make money on eBay after going through your… Read more…

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