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Find Out More- Personal Dream WorkDo you find yourself waking up in the morning unable to shake off a particular feeling or sensation from the previous night’s dream? You then launch into the day with a crash and a bang. In an age of instant, gratification and outer excess, increasingly experienced as precarious and limited. It has become more important than ever to develop tools to create and sustain an inner place for understanding and nurturance.

People sometimes forget that the keys to personal success are as much about listening to their inner life and intuition as much as having everything ´looking´ good

Have you ever found yourself unable to see the wood for the trees. You know, when you’ve landed into crisis … which literally means ‘opportunity to change’ … but it’s the last thing you want or expect. Death, divorce, job, loss, empty nest, accident or significant trauma. Suddenly life as you knew it is topsy turvy. That ´opportunity´ for change, can come in many ways and at any time. It came for me in a family crisis, a trauma involving one of my children.

The news was such a shock and trauma, it felt like literally falling off a cliff. Everything that had been ‘normal’ till then became a blur as I slowly started to crumble inside, and try to understand and comes to terms with it all. As part of my professional help, I sought the services of a well known dream therapist, which later led to joining a dream group.

As my hidden life started to unlock, there were almost mythic qualities which I started to identify from fairy tales and myths … like the archetypal battle between good/bad, sleep/awake, beauty and the beast, all different parts of myself. My dreams filled me with juice and… Read more…

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