Personal Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Means Test Calculator: Best Strategies

Find Out MorePersonal Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Means Test Calculator: Best StrategiesAre you sick of banks charging 34% interest on credit cards, then paying you 1% on savings, only to claim they need more profit? You gave them a massive bail out. Banks still get 0% loans from the government. Yet they still claim you – the taxpayer supporting them — are not deserving of credit. This is so wrong.

If your bills are piling while savings dwindle, you found your ultimate solution. You must be ready for for a better way — a proven Chapter 7 bankruptcy means test strategy — because you and the ones you love deserve an equal chance.

This site is about that equal chance, profitable solutions, and getting you back on track to enjoy true financial freedom. This is far easier than you may now think.

My name is Dave Clark and I want you to know that your current financial situation is nothing more than a starting point. You should not fear the Chapter 7 bankruptcy means test. In fact, you can use this tool for a decisive personal advantage.

You have an amazing variety of options provided by law. You have easy alternatives for cutting credit card payments in half without filing bankruptcy. You have extremely powerful and unquestionable rights provided by the US Bankruptcy Code that no creditor can deny.

You may be able to stop making credit card payments today. You could wipe out all debts in less than four months with personal bankruptcy and keep everything you own.

Use your options wisely. Consequences follow. I want you to know how to win the money game with little risk and great rewards. I want you to know how, when and why you may choose to change the results of the Chapter 7 bankruptcy means test. These same techniques are equally advantageous if choosing Chapter 13.

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