Permanent Muscle – Build Real Muscle, On Real People Real Fast

Find Out MorePermanent Muscle - Build Real Muscle, On Real People Real FastBeing a Professional Baseball Player with the Boston Redsox is a very physically and mentally demanding job.

I started Reuben’s program with a wide variety of questions on how working out and building/maintaining muscle would help me elevate my game, and it more than handled every one of them.

Reuben’s program not only helped keep me strong but also worked on another big area of concern I had which was flexibility.

Combining that in with the intense yet structured and focused workouts really helped me not only to maintain (which is difficult enough over a major league season) but make gains in certain areas as well, which was a very pleasant and welcome surprise. This program has really opened my eyes in terms of what the human body is capable of without the aid of any type of illegal supplementation. I would recommended or endorse anything that has his name attached to it because after he works with you, just like me, you’ll be set on a path you never thought you could travel!

Hi, my name’s Karl and I never had an impressive physique, nor did I have adequate strength and stamina. I was fairly tall at 6"2 and a half and used to be very skinny. After many attempts of trying to stick to a proper training routine, I started training properly under Reuben and a local trainer in my area.

Reuben’s program was most helpful and very easy to understand with effective advice from anything from diet/supplement tips, proper exercise and training routines, and even the science behind how the human body can grow and develop. With proper procedures designed for my body only, Reuben’s program has totally changed the way I look and given me a nice physique and unbelievable strength gains! Without Reuben’s guidance… Read more…

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