Paid To Place™ – The Almost-Perfect Work At Home Opportunity For Today’s Economy!

Find Out MorePaid To Place™ - The Almost-Perfect Work At Home Opportunity For Today's Economy!Michelle Boudreau – Author, Financial Expert, TV Personality, Financial Advisor for CBS News and seen on the following…

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Hi There, Once, you read the story I am about to share with you, I know you will be saying " this sounds a lot like me" or "why didn’t I think of that"? Ever have those times when you sit there and think to yourself "wow, if I hadn’t learned this or experienced that years ago, I wouldn’t be able to do or use that in what I’m doing right now?" Funny how your experiences play such a big role in your life. The people you meet, the jobs you work, the experiences you have, bits and pieces store in you here and there only to come out later, without you even realizing it! Anyway sorry for rambling on! My name is Kathy Garcia and that is my beautiful daughter Stella (my husband Dennis took our picture). She is the very reason you are seeing this website right now! I would go to the end of the earth and back for her. If you ever had, or have kids than you know exactly what I’m talking about! Stella and I want to make your day today! I want to tell you my story first and why I’m even on this webpage! It all began quietly one evening back when I was two and half months pregnant at home, sipping on a cup of coffee, the tv news on in the background, and my laptop in front of me. All… Read more…

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