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One of the biggest hindrances to overcoming anxiety is lack of understanding about the condition, and in particular how the body can become symptomatic even in the presence of no underlying organic illness.

This lack of understanding was one of the biggest problems I had during my anxiety recovery, and in the early stage I spent a lot of time going to doctors trying to get an answer as to why I had all these horrible symptoms, in the hope I could just pop a pill and get rid of them.

Looking back this was an important stage in my anxiety recovery. I needed to see enough doctors and have enough tests to get to the point where I would accept that they couldn’t all be wrong in their diagnosis.

Equally it was just as important for me to begin to understand just how many various symptoms really could be caused by stress. And the list of potential symptoms really is huge!

I count myself lucky that I got to this stage quickly. Many get stuck in the merry-go-round of seeing doctors fearing that they have some underlying disease. Ironically though this fear of your symptoms and this wanting them to go away actually creates more stress, which then feeds the underlying causes of why they are there in the first place.

So why do these symptoms come about? In my experience, they did actually start because I had a severe detectable viral infection… Read more…

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