OverCome Shyness & Social Phobia

Find Out MoreOverCome Shyness & Social PhobiaStrategies That Work! The Social Strategies Series comes with 9 audio coaching sessions, and for a limited time you’ll receive 2 bonus visualization sessions. These strategies have taken 20 years to acquire, test and perfect and now they are available for instant download directly from our secure server–You can get started in just minutes!

All of the strategies have been used successfully by users around the world: Australia, Canada, Ireland, The US, The UK, and many, many others.

Welcome. I’m Jon Mercer (click here to learn more about me). I’m a personal development coach and trainer, but more importantly, I’m also someone who suffered for many years with severe social problems. Some people call it social phobia; others call it social anxiety or acute shyness. Whatever label you give it, the results are the same: social avoidance and extreme (even painful) shyness and discomfort in social situations. To make matters even worse, society conditions us to be ashamed of these issues, so people often resort to hiding them (I did for many years!).

Although it took me many years to learn to deal with my social phobia, once I understood the issue well and had a good set of mental "strategies" to work with, it was much easier AND QUICKER to overcome than you might imagine.

And you don’t have to let social problems ruin years or even decades of your life. The Social Strategies is a new audio series designed to make sure you don’t!

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So what is a Social Strategy, anyway?: A social strategy is a type of mental "game" that you play in social situations. But this is no ordinary game. It is designed specifically to force your mind to think… Read more…

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