Overcome Pornography

Find Out MoreOvercome PornographyIt happened again, didn’t it? To you… or someone you love. I know your story… Everyone’s situation is different, but the results are usually the same… Let me know if this sounds familiar. It was around 11:30 at night… your spouse just fell asleep. You’re tired, but something keeps nagging at you. You decide to get up… just to check your email or maybe look on eBay or craigslist for something you know you really don’t want or need. Then a few minutes later it happens… again

You have a second of hesitation… but you know it’s already too late. One hour turns into two, and then 2 into 3… You know you’re going to be tired tomorrow for work, but at this point you don’t care. You know the shame and guilt you’re going to feel… the look of pain in your eyes when you look at your loved ones… but it’s already too late… For some of you, this is a story that happens often… For some of you, this just happened… That’s why you’re here, right? For others – it hasn’t happened to you, but to someone you love

You rationalize that you’re not hurting anyone but yourself… But deep down, when you tuck your kids into bed and kiss your spouse goodnight,

You are aching for change either for yourself… or for your loved one and that pain is real… it’s being felt by millions of people around the world yet you still feel completely alone you’re feeling it right now, or you wouldn’t be here… right? but you’re here now call it luck… call it destiny… but whatever you call it…

How will they look at you in 5 years from now.. 10 years… or on your death bed? How are they going to remember you? You are writing your… Read more…

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