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Find Out MoreOrganized Baseball CoachDear Coach, Are you spending more time in your office than the ball-field? Overloaded with the administrative side of coaching your baseball team? Finding yourself stuck at your computer trying to create and organize your season and practices? Wish you had more computer savvy to develop your: daily plans, contact lists, pitch count spreadsheets, etc…?

…but it WILL make you a better coach by organizing your ‘off-field’ administrative needs. If your like me, you’ve dedicated most of your time to your own playing and now coaching career rather than creating Word® and Excel® spreadsheets to organize player-parent contact lists, pitch tracking records, 12 month season plan charts, etc. So save yourself the time spent in front of the computer building spreadsheets and get back to doing what you love… teaching the game of baseball! This package gives you organized spreadsheets that will help you plan your season, monitor pitchers’ volume, and look professional doing it.

Remember how BIG TIME you thought your coach was the first time he posted a practice plan on the dugout wall? It was probably hand written in ink and on yellow lined paper, but it still gave you the confidence as a player that he or she knew what they were talking about. Imagine a template you can insert your team name, logo and daily objectives onto. This package gives you the confidence and appreciation you deserve. These spreadsheets look professional because they ARE professional. The time for computer savvy coaches having an edge in spreadsheet organization in over!

We’ve only got so many hours in a day (SEASON!). Organization is the key to multitasking family, work, and baseball commitments. Don’t misdirect your attention locked away in your office! These spreadsheets are made BY a baseball coach FOR baseball coaches.

These are downloadable spreadsheets… Read more…

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