Norabots Smart PRO Autoresponders: Unlimited Follow-Up Autoresponders

Find Out MoreNorabots Smart PRO Autoresponders: Unlimited Follow-Up AutorespondersThere are many reasons WHY you should use an Autoresponder. lets do a little brain storming session to come up with ways to use one.

You get a lot of email asking the same questions about your product or service. Setting up an Autoresponder F.A.Q to answer these questions while personalizing the message to each individual. You sell products or services on your website.

Your visitors arent converting into paying customers, Setup a FREE email course on a topic your market would be interested in and have a pop-up or form to capture their information. Every single visitor to your website can now be offered something or FREE. Turning you into the expert on the topic!

After someone buys your product/service you want to keep in contact with them. You want to let them know of updates, additions and changes to your product/services. Of course you want to offer them additional products related to their main purchase.

Since the 80/20 rule states that 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers you should be offering them discounts on future purchases or other related products/services or you are losing money.

You are running a contest. Maybe youre giving away gift certificates or a cash prize. Set up an Autoresponder to grab visitors information. Offer them deals and update them on new products. Tell them who won and what they won.

Its a statistical fact that 50-80% of your sales will not come on the first visit to your website. These sales will come after the 5-7th contact with the visitor. If theres no way to keep in touch with past visitors then you just lost them as potential customers.

If you have gotten this far you already know at least one reason you need an autoresponder… Read more…

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