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Find Out MoreNatural Health And WellnessAre Your tired of being depressed, anxious or unsure of yourself? Have you lost your self-confidence? Do you wonder why you overeat when you want to lose weight or why you suffer anxiety or even depression when it is your moment to shine? Are you tired of people treating your symptoms or even worse saying "Just Snap Out Of It?"

Hi, I am Dr. Tyler Woods, I have a BA in Holistic Psychology, a Master’s in Counseling Psychology and Doctor in Philosophy in Holistic Health. I am the host of Holistic Mental Health and Wellness on Septic Radio.

I believe in focusing on your needs not on this or that symptom. A holistic approach to mental, physical and spiritual wellness is the key to overcoming anxiety, depression, lack of self-confidence as well as the best way to lose weight and stay fit.

The problem many of of us face when seeking help is that people want to give us a pill for that another pill for this without ever focusing on us, the person. That changes NOW with the Natural Health And Wellness System.

I have had several colleagues tell me I should break up the guidebooks and sell them separately because I could make more money. While it’s true in the past I have sold a single guidebook for $35.00. I decided that giving whole system away for free on this website, because it is the right thing to do.

I could sell this in a complete package for a at least a hundred dollars, so why am I doing this? Because I have dear friends and family that suffer from depression, anxiety and have complications due to fear and low self esteem. Several years ago I had a dear friend that lost her battle to depression. So I am… Read more…

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