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Find Out MoreMobile Business Cards - mobilebiznesscards.comYou will never be caught in a situation where you cannot give out you business card because you don’t have one with you, left them in your briefcase, or just handed out your last one. Never give out your information and not get theirs in return.

Mobile Business Cards are not only environmentally friendly they are always with you. An even greater value is in the database of contacts you build up over time as you hand out your mobile business cards.

The text information can be saved in the phone, and also includes the awesome click to call feature.

A picture message or short video can follow the text data immediately and can carry the branding, more detailed information, a short pitch or whatever you are interested in the potential client viewing later.

Step 2: They immediately get an auto generated text right back to their phone with your contact information, plus a picture message with an image of your business card, logo, product, etc.

Step 5: Every person that texts-in for your card is in your personal database of potential business. Now you can simply log-in to the user-interface accessible from any computer and send a text blast to every person in your database reminding them of your brand.

Example of Promotions to send to your database that you build every single day by handing out your Mobile Business Cards:

Today and for a very limited time, you can try out Mobile Business Cards– unlimited text messages for just $97/month.

Sign up, watch the tutorial, create your mobile business card, hand them out, and if within 60 days you just aren’t feeling great about it – well you can cancel and you won’t be charged another dime.

So, if you’re looking for a faster and easier method to growing your database… Read more…

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