Meta-Magick: Exploring Magick through NLP, Hypnosis and Neuroscience

Find Out MoreMeta-Magick: Exploring Magick through NLP, Hypnosis and NeuroscienceMeta-Magick is a collection of opportunities to think about magick. Elements from a variety of theories and models, ranging from neuroscience to voodoo, are offered as clues to understand the phenomena we find in our magical experiments. There are many different styles and practices of magick, in every culture, on every continent. By identifying some of the common elements between them, we are better able to separate out the magick itself, the techniques and practices that really work, from the content that relates to specific belief systems. In general, many techniques of magick are the same everywhere, with their intent aimed at different results and deities. This suggests that the rituals and practices derive from the commonality of human experience; this is how our brains work when we do magick.

Would you like a personal guide through Meta-Magick or NLP techniques? Could you use experienced advice to help you create or tune up a magick, meditation or self-hypnosis practice? Personal consultation is available via phone or come visit Philip H. Farber in his Kingston, New York office. Or book a class and personal sessions in your local venue. Send your request now.

That’s right! A brand new Meta-Magick volume, chock full of new exercises and rituals. This is the first book to present a theory of magick based in current neuroscience. Read more.

First published in 1995, this unique text on Thelemic magick has been out of print for years! FUTURERITUAL: Magick for the 21st Century was one of the first modern introductions to ritual magick and one of the first (perhaps THE first) to incorporate Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP). The book has now been "digitally remastered" as an e-book, including a new preface by the author, two new rituals, a new section on cybermagick and a bonus short story. Read more… Read more…

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