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Find Out Morelearnsharepointnow.com -This is your chance to step up and get RECOGNIZED as a person that delivers stunning cool looking sites!

The design in this product is pure copy and paste. Your will have the design implemented in minutes.*

To be 100% honest with you it really depends. *We have seen newbie’s that have NO SharePoint developer experience be able to implement it in 4 hours. And we have seen SharePoint Developers implement it in 30 minutes.

“I have been a SharePoint Developer for 2 months and this was easy for me to give the KISS way to update our SharePoint wiki site to a great looking one. It looks great! ”

You will see how fast it is to give your SharePoint WIKI site a new design – just by copy and paste some files into SharePoint.

SharePoint designer 2010 is a powerful tool to change the design of a SharePoint WIKI site. You will see how updating the design is done in less that 5 minutes! Read more…

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