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Find Out MoreLearn Spanish Free Online - Spanish Word of the DayThe method of Spanish Word-a-Day guarantees your progress and you only need to spend 2 minutes a day on it!

Make progress with your daily Spanish mail and you’ll speak Spanish more confidently. Travel to Hispanic countries and speak to the people you meet. Learn Spanish language to understand their answers!

Spanish Word-a-Day sends out five emails a week so that each time you check your emails it helps you to learn Spanish language! The Spanish Word of the Day service includes the following: – Learn Spanish Words with the Spanish word of the day

– Daily Spanish Phrases! – Audio example of how to pronounce the word – An example sentence showing how the word is used – Sinónimos – A nice picture taken in Spain – Occasional funny jokes, riddles and other insight into Spanish life! – Occasional grammatical insights – Book reviews of Spanish language books (in English) – Learn Spanish Online with free lessons and resources – Learn Spanish language and culture – Additional help with learning Spanish language It is intended to be a Spanish contribution to everyone’s life. You can start to learn Spanish free online and later make use of the extra cool features of the PLUS Club to take your Spanish to a higher level. Have fun and learn Spanish words via email!

At Spanish Word-a-Day we strongly believe that learning Spanish language (or any language for that matter) can only be done with regular exposure and context, context, context. This is why every word comes within the context of an adequate phrase in which it is used. Both come with audio so that you can practice your pronunciation. This is a very simple yet highly effective method developed by SWAD to help you learn Spanish online in the long term. If… Read more…

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