Lasting Student Ministry – 14 Top Student Ministry Leaders Reveal What They’d Do…

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You are snatched from your current church (or other current job) and put at a church in the suburbs where you have to start all over again. There are five kids there.

Two are the senior pastor’s kids. There are three boys and two girls. Two are in High School and three are in Junior High. You are asked to build a ministry that will continue on after you leave. You have one year to do this. You have a limited budget.

I was in student ministry for about 14 years. I really loved being a youth pastor and I miss those days.

One thing that I hated to see in my own ministry was when students that you poured your life into, walked away from the Lord when they graduated.

The thing I hated that I saw, or heard of, in other groups was when a youth group collapsed and disintergrated when their youth pastor left.

I learned a lot in those 14 years to know what it takes to build a lasting student ministry, but I also wanted to know what others thought. I wondered…

I began interviewing 14 top student leaders, a year or so ago, and gave… Read more…

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