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When doing anything throughout any part of your day, your personal soundtrack is being created, all around you. Exchanging energies with all whom you meet, and all things you discover or have known forever. To be able to capture those feelings and energies, and incorporate them into one of the most influential medias there is, that is pure talent. Music allows us to release the binds and restrictions weve created for ourselves, and grow into something more… What we really have the potential to be, which is what we already are and have lost sight of over centuries and centuries. Alchemy Sounds sets the foundation, the mindset, for these wonderful realizations to occur; and at the very least, helps you to relax and clear out all that fogs your thought daily, allowing you to feel the peace within yourself, and within all things. I am a true believer in this, for I experience it daily. It has been a wonder to get to know amAya, and an honor to share such beautiful passions with him, the love of music, and the love of life in all of it glory. Unlock the world around you with the greatest soundtrack ever created… Your very own, presented through the music created by someone who shares the same outlook on this wonderful world as we all do.”

Music has played a role in the healing and creative process since the beginning of our recorded history.

Almost every religion and the esoteric teachings of the ancient mystery schools states that God… Read more…

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